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Our Believes

Signaling the quality of your ICO through non-copiable messages, such as independent ratings, allows for adequately differentiating from competitors. With respect to the vast number of ongoing, announced and planned ICOs, such signals become increasingly important to attract target investor audiences and achieve funding goals. As the number of venues for ratings and listings is increasing steadily, a sophisticated analysis of where to invest marketing budget can be overwhelming. We create products and services for blockchain-startups to successfully navigate the dynamic environment of crypto. We consequently take our part in professionalizing the industry for token based financing.

Our Team

Fred Steinmetz



Fred researches on blockchain technology as part of his dissertation and co-founded the Blockchain Research Lab. Before turning to academia, he gained experience in marketing, controlling and consulting.

Tim Steinmetz



As an industrial engineer Tim comes from accelerating automation projects and pushing innovation into the energy sector. He specialised in operations, technical onboarding, multi project management and growth strategies.